Gas Operations - Australia

Gilmore & Eromanga Gas Field 

  Gilmore Gas Field Eromanga Gas Field
Ownership EWC’s wholly owned subsidiary, AGF, is the owner and operator of both fields
Distribution Network Connected to the Queensland pipe gas distribution network through Cheepie-Barcaldine gas pipeline Connected to the Queensland pipe gas distribution network through Mt. Isa gas pipeline
Track Record Supplied gas to EWC’s Barcaldine Power Plant between 1995 and 2003 (currently under care and maintenance) Supplied gas to Pasminco’s Century Mine Ltd. between 1999 and 2001; (currently under care and maintenance)

Other Gas and Oil Interests

Other Promising Assets

  Thylungra Gas Field Naccowlah Block PEL96 (Block K)
Percentage Interest of EWC 19.6% 2% 33.3%
Gas / Oil Gas Oil To be explored
Operating Party Beach Petroleum Limited Santos Limited Strike Oil Limited
Production Status Production to start in 2009 In production In the process of obtaining PEL


  • According to Santos Limited, EWC’s share of total proven plus probable and possible oil reserves are 590 MBbls
  • Petroleum Exploration Licence PEL 96 has been granted for a period of five years with effect from and including 13 May 2009 by Minerals Petroleum and Energy Resources, the Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA.
  • AGL and Strike Oil were granted a new petroleum licence on PL 96. Initial assessment work based upon coal seams intersected in two petroleum exploration wells (Tinga Tingana 1 and Wenna 1) and the interpretation of seismic modeling estimate 8 to 20 trillion (TCF) cubic feet of prospective Coal Seam Gas resoures.