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In the past year the LNG industry has experienced some challenging factors:

1. Tight financing for early developments of gasfields and LNG sites
2. Slump in the gas prices for both the Henry Hub and the Asian markets
3. LNG projects delayed
4. Rising cost of developing CSG
5. LNG supply contracts cancelled or re-negotiated

However, Energy World still believes that the future of LNG in Asia is very positive and there is a considerable demand for LNG in Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea and China.

- Demand for LNG in:

Indonesia 6.8 MTPA
Philippines 3.4 MTPA
Sri Lanka 2.0 MTPA
12.2 MTPA

Japan, Korea and China also require extra LNG.


To service this new market, it must be developed at “both ends”, supply, production and the receiving terminals and distribution for the new LNG.  We believe at the moment, insufficient attention is being given to the receiving terminals and distribution for delivering of gas to the Asian markets.

Energy World, along with its technology and equipment supply strategic alliance partner, Chart, is working at “both ends” to develop the infrastructure to facilitate these new and exciting markets.


1.  Australia - work is continuing on the Queensland Abbot Point export terminal and gas highway.
2.  We are also going to build the Gilmore LNG plant for domestic LNG Sales.
3.  Indonesia – works continue on the LNG terminal and power plant expansion.
4.  Papua New Guinea – works continue on the LNG export terminal and pipelines.
5.  Development work is also continuing on the shipping and the floating LNG plant.


1.  Indonesia - Receiving terminals for domestic gas
2.  Philippines - LNG import / power generation / city gas / vehicle fuel
3.  Sri Lanka – LNG import / power generation / city gas / vehicle fuel

Plan, Vision and Strategy

From the Philippines Department of Energy

LNG – Today’s Cleanest Alternative to Diesel

Clean and Green Energy

LNG is considered to be a source of Clean Energy

  • Increasing concern over “global warming” has led to pollution and emission caps, reduction goals and carbon trading
  • Natural gas is a cleaner and more efficient fossil fuel
    -For an equivalent amount of heat, burning natural gas produces approximately 45% less carbon dioxide than burning coal, and approximately 30% less than burning fuel oil

Environmentally Friendly Operation with Substantial Energy Efficiency

  • We use the more efficient combined cycle gas turbine technology in our Sengkang Power Plant
  • Our Expansion Project and possible further expansion includes the latest generation of gas turbine technology
  • Our Sengkang LNG Project will use the latest electric drive compression technology, providing substantial energy efficiency

   We will continue to focus on efficient and clean energy generation

To become a leader in modular LNG development and a significant supplier of natural gas to Asian markets

Asia’s Appetite for Energy

Energy World Group has always positioned itself to take advantage of Asia’s appetite for energy. There is a strong link between the consumption of electricity (kWh per capita) and the development level and quality of life of a country.

Energy World Group is working to provide energy to Asian countries by developing standard modular LNG production trains and by investing in LNG receiving terminals and Gas fired power generation.