Power Operations - Australia

Alice Springs Power Plant 


  • 100% owned by EWC through CEP
Proven Track Record
  • Commenced commercial operation in December 1996
  • Management team has led the project since construction (over 10 years of successful operating history)
  • Comprised of four spark-ignition gas-fired generating engines
  • Production capacity is 8.68 MW
Stable Revenue Stream
  • A 20-year take-or-pay PPA with NT PWC up to December 2016
  • Power produced is delivered to the Alice Springs electricity grid
Gas Supply
  • Gas for the power plant is supplied by NT PWC
Operation and Maintenance
  • CEP is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the power plant


Operational Statistics

Fiscal year ended 30 June
Plant Output
Plant Availability Factor
48.02 GWh
49.37 GWh
39.36 GWh
45.58 GWh

Revenue Stream

Long-term Contract
  • Operates under a long-term, take-or-pay Power Purchase Agreement until 2016
State-owned Counterparty
  • NT PWC, Australia’s Northern Territory state-owned power utility company
Take-or-pay Arrangement in the Contract
  • NT PWC is obliged to purchase a specified take-or-pay quantity of power

Summary of Our Power Operations

Service Commencement Date
Plant Capacity
EWC’s Ownership
PPA Term End
Alice Springs Power Plant
8.68 MW
December 2016

Carbon Tax Removal Substantiation Statement

The following statement from Central Energy Power Pty Ltd (CEP) is in response to the Substantiation Notice issued under section 60FA(2) and Substantiation Statement required under section 60FD of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, and is provided pursuant to clause (2) (a) (i) of 60FD Carbon tax removal substantiation statements.

CEP as an electricity provider estimates that no regulated supply input costs savings will be attributable to the carbon tax repeal with no savings to be passed onto the customers during the financial year that began on 1 July 2014.

Central Energy Power Pty Ltd (CEP) owns and operates an 8.7 MW gas-fired, base load power station at Alice Springs in the Northern Territory under a 20 year take or pay Power Purchase Agreement with the Northern Territory Power and Water Authority to 2017.

The Power Purchase Agreement calculates net charge based on the formula provided in section 13.3. The “Primary Gas Charge”, included in the net charge formula, is determined in accordance with the “Primary Gas Price”. The “Primary Gas Price” is a value defined as the “Base Price for Primary Gas on January 1, 1995” with variations based on the Consumer Price Index and therefore is not influenced by the carbon tax or its repeal.