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Energy World International Ltd. (“EWI”) is the largest shareholder of Energy World Corp. Ltd (“EWC”). EWI has provided funding , management expertise and technology to EWC.

Energy World Corp Ltd has the right of first refusal for any original agreements on power and energy projects introduced by Energy World International Ltd.

World economists have long realized that investment in infrastructure has a direct correlation to growth in GDP and that massive investment in quality projects is necessary to generate and sustain economic growth and to provide a socially acceptable standard of living. Unless these needs are satisfied the economies will run a major risk of faltering in their progress towards playing a greatly expanded role in the global economy. At the same time, great opportunities for the investor are to be found in the world’s huge appetite for infrastructure providing unprecedented business prospects. In addition to physical infrastructure, such as power generation, water supply, roads and ports, there is also a pressing need to improve social infrastructure by protecting the democratic process, introducing liberal reforms, encouraging private sector participation in public utilities and ensuring transparency in commercial activities. Together these measures will not only ensure prosperity for all but will guard against social and economic disorder. With over 25 years experience of investment and development, the management of Energy World International Limited is dedicated to making a major contribution by identifying and pursuing infrastructure and energy projects to bring much needed economic growth, employment, prosperity and stability.

Energy World International Ltd. (EWI) is engaged in the business of developing, constructing and operating in property investment, infrastructure, power generation and electrical energy related projects. The Company’s management and staff consists of certain senior executives and selected senior technical, operational and administrative personnel previously employed in major Power and Infrastructure Projects, which in turn harnessed the extensive technical and management expertise of Slipform Engineering Limited (SEL) accumulated over 25 years in the construction industry. The Company has the following basic functional structure

Energy World International Ltd.

  -Power generation and electrical energy related projects

Infrastructure World Int’l Ltd.

  -Investment & development

Slipform Engineering (H.K.)Ltd.

  -Engineering, construction and project management

In addition project companies are formed with local strategic partners to develop specific projects.

This allows local companies to invest in major projects with the attendant technology transfer, while EWI has the benefit of local expertise and knowledge of local conditions.

Based on the cumulative experience and expertise EWI management and staff have the integrated capability to lead through all stages of project development from initial identification and evaluation, design and construction and on to final operation.

The Company has its roots in the use of “Slipform” technology, a civil engineering construction technique which was first used by Mr. Stewart Elliott in Australia in 1970 and then in Hong Kong in 1972 with further development by Slipform Engineering Limited since 1976. This technique allows the construction of multi-storey structures, chimneys and other structures by the continuous casting of reinforced concrete, as opposed to the more time-consuming procedures of using conventional methods for constructing concrete structures.

This technique was an integral part of SEL’s success and was used extensively in the projects with which the members of the Company have been closely associated.

After building in excess of 30 housing and residential projects in Hong Kong, a power division is formed in 1984 on the signing of a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Agreement to construct the Shajiao “B” Power Plant in China.

In 1993 Consolidated Electric Power Asia Ltd. (CEPA) was formed to construct and operate power projects under the leadership of Mr. Stewart Elliott. CEPA went on to become Asia’s leading Independent Power Producer with over 6,500 MW of electrical power generation in operation or under construction and a further 15,000 MW under negotiation.

In 1997 when CEPA was sold to the Southern Company of the USA for US$3.1 Billion, the Managing Director, Mr. Stewart Elliott, and his key executives formed EWI.

Fiji Project

EWI, Through South Pacific Infrastructure (SPI), is developing a 2 x 25 MW Biomass / refuse / coal fired power station to serve the needs of Emperor Mines (EM) and also to supply power to the Fiji Electric Authority grid. At the present time, a PPA is being finalized between SPI and EM, and the conceptual design of the power station is nearing completion.

Proven Technology

  -Balance of Plant

Proposed Biomass Power Station with Coal Support 2x25MW (2x10MW, 2x5MW)

Infrastructure World International

Grand Hotel Excelsior, Malta

IWI is currently involved as an investor in the development of a 450-room, five star deluxe hotel on the former Grand Hotel Excelsior site at Valletta, Malta. The project involves the demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment as a five-star deluxe hotel with 450 guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, banquet hall, business centres, marina etc. Currently the structure is complete and fully operational.

Grand Hotel Excelsior website -

The building is of ten storey construction and has a gross floor area of 55,328 square metres. The total project cost is in the order of US$65 million.