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Slipform Engineering (H.K.) Limited (SEL) is very optimistic about future recovery and remains dedicated to supporting the economic development of emerging nations and meeting their growing demands for infrastructure and other socially oriented construction works. Economists have long realized that investment in infrastructure has a diret correlation to growth in GDP and that massive injection in quality projects is necessary to generate and sustain economic growth. Unless these needs are satisfied the economies will run a major risk of falling further into recession and of faltering in their progress towards playing a greatly expanded role in the global economy. At the same time, great opportunities are to be found in the region’s huge appetite for infrastructure providing unprecedented business prospects. There is also a pressing need to improve social infrastructure by protecting the democratic process, introducing liberal reforms, encouraging private sector participation in public works and ensuring transparency in commerce. Together these measures will not only ensure prosperity for all but will guard against social and economic disorder. Building on the solid foundation of 30 years experience in worldwide construction and project management, SEL management and staff aim to provide comprehensive infrastructure solutions to host countries in a manner that is technically, economically and environmentally sound. SEL recognizes the need for long term partnerships with host countries to achieve mutual benefit for all parties. Through its parent company, Asia Pacific World Holdings Limited, SEL is part of a committed team that strives to maximize efficiency by acting as developer, financier, contractor, project manager and operator to bring much needed economic growth, employment, prosperity and stability to developing areas.


Slipform Engineering (H.K.) Limited (SEL) is a member of Asia Pacific World Holdings Limited (APWH) Group engaged in the business of design, construction and project management in the fields of infrastructure, power generation and commercial, residential and industrial property development. The Company’s management and staff consists of certain senior executives and selected senior technical, operational and administrative personnel previously employed by Slipform Engineering and have accumulated over 30 years experience and expertise in the construction industry. Slipform Engineering combined its construction and project management skills with a “can do” attitude to establish a successful track record for completing projects on time and within budget. It is SEL’s intention to ensure that this philosophy is perpetuated.


SEL has its roots in the use of “slipform” technology, a civil engineering construction technique which was introduced by Mr. Stewart Elliott to the Hopewell Group of Companies in 1972 and has been further developed by Slipform Engineering since 1976. This technique allows the construction of multi-storey structures, chimneys, silos and other structures by the continuous casting of reinforced concrete, as opposed to the more time-consuming process of using conventional methods for constructing concrete structures.

This technique was an essential part of Slipform Engineering’s success and was used extensively in the projects with which the members of SEL have been closely associated.

In 1978 construction work began in Hong Kong on the Hopewell Centre. With a slipform construction time of 13 months, work was completed in 1980. This was the tallest building in South East Asia, at that time, and for ten years the highest structure in Hong Kong.

From 1972 to 1980, 30 projects were completed to help meet the insatiable demands of Hong Kong’s growing population for residential and commercial space. In 1984, the emphasis switched to the construction of power stations with the signing of an agreement for the construction of the Shajiao ‘B’ power plant in China. By 1997 six power plants with a total installed capacity of over 6,200 MW were completed or under construction.


Drawing on over 30 years’ experience and expertise SEL offers a complete range of services to suit the particular needs of each client ranging from total turnkey packages to executing discrete packages of work :

Pre-construction Services:

  • Review of current schedule and development of detailed critical path management schedule covering all aspects of design and construction.
  • Design of site layout, temporary facilities and site establishment.

Project Planning:

  • Determination of manpower, materials and equipment resources required to implement the project schedule.
  • Monitoring of progress and initiation of corrective action for deviations from schedule.

Design Liaison:

  • Interaction with consultants to produce engineering design with the emphasis on “buildability” and speed of construction.


  • Sourcing of materials at competitive prices to complement the project schedule and avoid delays due to late delivery.


  • Provision of a wide range of construction services either as main contractor, sub-contractor or member of a turnkey consortium.
  • Provision of the full range of construction management and supervision skills.

Quality Assurance and Control:

  • Establishment and implementation of QA/QC procedures and manuals including on-site inspection and testing.

Cost Control:

  • Establishment of a system for the provision of timely, accurate information on committed cost which highlights areas where remedial action is required.

Employer’s Representative:

  • Safeguarding the interests of the project company during design and construction including monitoring and reporting on design engineering, technical and contractual issues.

Operations and Maintenance:

  • Functional management of completed projects including power plant operations, tollway operations and ongoing maintenance.


Central to SEL’s construction capabilities is the slipform method for the rapid construction of concrete structures.

This highly versatile technique provides a cost-effective means of constructing a wide range of structures with significant savings in construction time. Twenty five years of experience in the usage and perfection of this technique provides SEL with a competitive advantage in completing large, fast-track civil projects.

The technique essentially involves sliding steel formwork, approximately one meter in height, which is moved continuously upwards by automatically controlled hydraulic jacks as the pouring of concrete and fixing of reinforcement progresses. SEL staff undertake the design of a specialized system for each particular application.

The slipform method is particularly well-suited to applications involving circular structures, such as silos, where continuously-poured concrete is of prime importance making slipforming the only choice. Usually considerable savings can be achieved when compared with the cost of conventional formwork and access scaffolding with the greatest saving coming in the form of the early completion of contracts. This is particularly important now when late completion of construction contracts can carry a very heavy penalty.

Slipform System for Wall Construction


Shajiao ‘B’ Power Station, China


Shajiao, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,PRC


2 x 350 MW



Project Cost

Approximately HK$4.1 billion

Group Ownership in the Project

Hopewell Power (China) Limited

Construction Completion Date

July, 1987

Turnkey Consortium

Mitsui and Company Toshiba Corporation Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Slipform Engineering Limited

Projects developed using Slipform Techniques and Management for construction and operations

Shajiao B Power Station 1988 British Construction Industry Award

Pagbilao Power Station, Philippines


Pagbilao, Quezon Province, Philippines


2 x 367.5 MW



Project Cost

US$933 million

Project Ownership

Hopewell Power (Philippines), Corp.

Construction Completion Date

31st July, 1996

Turnkey Consortium

Mitsubishi Corporation Slipform Engineering Limited

Projects developed using Slipform Techniques and Management for construction and operations


Coal Crush House

Seal Weir on Slipforming

View of the Plant Site

President Fidel V. Ramos Site Visit on 5th May, 1995