Under Development - Australia

Cooper - Bowen - Abbot Point 

Unlocking Queensland Gas Assets

  • Port of Abbot Point
  • Existing deep-water coal export terminal
Community Opportunity
  • An opportunity for many smaller gas exploration companies in Queensland to gain access to export facility and a wider market
  • Production from the Abbot Point LNG Project is planned to commence in about 3 years

Gas pipe line and LNG plant

Proposed Markets

  • The Gilmore LNG facility will be a major link in our aggressive development program for Australia and will be primarily focused on the Eastern States including the Northern Territory and South Australia.
  • We propose to develop the market in two phases.
  • LNG Plants :
    Gilmore, Alice Springs, PL 96
  • Phase 1:
    Off Grid Power Generation Mine Sites Remote Communities
  • Phase 2:
    Long Haul Vehicle Fuel Mine Site Vehicle Fuels

Quad 15,000 Gallon Vertical Tanks

Plan for Asia

LNG Terminals

Membrane Tank - Full Containment