Our Philippines projects are located in Pagbilao Island, in the Quezon Province, approximately 90 kilometres South East of Manilla.

LNG Hub Terminal

  • We are the 100% owner and developer of the Philippines first ever LNG Hub terminal, which we consider to be a strategically important asset for the Philippines nascent gas industry
  • The Hub Terminal is 130,000 m3 and will be used as an import / export facility
  • Facility is capable of handling up to 3 mtpa of LNG per year, which can support up to 3,000 MW of gas fired power plants
  • Deep water jetty can handle all sizes of LNG vessels
  • The Hub Terminal will support our adjacent 650 MW combined cycle gas fired power plant, and provide expansion options for both EWC and third party gas clients
  • Hub Terminal to be run on a tolling model for third party clients

650 MW Combined Cycle Gas Fired Power Plant

  • We are the 100% owner of a 650 MW power plant, which is being developed in stages:
    • Block 1 - 200 MW gas turbine
    • Block 2 - 200 MW gas turbine
    • Block 3 - 250 MW steam turbine
  • Plant will secure gas from the adjacent LNG hub terminal
  • Electricity will initially be sold into the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (“WESM”)


Our Indonesian projects are located in the province of South Sulawesi.

Sengkang Gas Field

  • The PSC is 100% owned by EWC and covers 2,925 square kilometres
  • Gas from the PSC is supplied to the 315MW Sengkang Power Station IPP
  • Sengkang Gasfield

Sengkang Power Plant

  • The Sengkang Power Station is 315 MW, comprising of Block 1 of 135 MW and Block 2 of 180 MW, and is owned 95% by EWC
  • Gas is obtained from the Sengkang gas field
  • Electricity is sold under a take or pay PPA with PLN
  • Sengkang Powerplant

Sengkang LNG Project

  • The Sengkang LNG Plant has a design capacity of 2 mtpa, consisting of 4 modular 500,000 tpa trains, an import/export terminal and jetty facilities and is 100% owned by EWC
  • It is our intention to complete construction of 500,000 tonnes of capacity initially, and then roll out additional modules until all 4 modules are in commercial operation
  • LNG Plant


In Australia we have a number of gas fields. We own:

100% of PL 65, PL 115, PL 116, PL 184, ATP 932 and PL 1030-1033. PL 65, PL 115 and PL 116 are connected to existing processing facilities and pipelines and we have commerced the process to restart gas production from these field

33% of PEL 96 (Operator is Strike Energy)

2% of ATP 259 (Operator is Santos)

We also own:

  • 8 MW Alice Springs power plant (on care and maintenance)
  • Alice Springs LNG plant (on care and maintenance)

We are also developing a 56,000 tpa LNG liquification plant at PL 65

tpa LNG
tpa LNG